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Title 1


Title I is a federally funded program to help students reach ELA standards in grades K-5.
Students are assessed at the beginning of the year and the bottom quartile of students qualify
for Title I. Title I students are then provided with explicit, systematic instruction through a highly
qualified reading specialist and her amazing paraprofessionals.
**Meet the staff
Mrs. Lingenfelter has been teaching for over 20 years. She began her career teaching 1st
grade in Mesa for 10 years. She is now a reading specialist for KAOL. She loves helping
students increase their reading skills which in turn increases their love of reading. She also
enjoys giving hugs daily.
Gretchen has been a paraprofessional for 4 years at the intermediate school. She enjoys
learning new techniques to help her students with reading as well as making connections with
Julie has been a Title I paraprofessional for 4 years. She started at the primary school and now
has made the intermediate school her home. She loves making connections with students and
seeing their “aha” moments.
Mishell has been a paraprofessional for KAOL for 16 years. She has worked at the middle
school as well as primary but is now at the intermediate school. She enjoys teaching kids
strategies to help with reading and building relationships with her students.
Dottie has been a paraprofessional at the intermediate school for 5 years. She believes
watching students grow and progress through their school years physically and academically is
most rewarding.
**What we teach
Once students are qualified, we determine what ELA skills are deficient to focus instruction on
specific skills.. We work on increasing phonemic awareness and phonics skills, vocabulary,
comprehension, and fluency. Students are pulled in small groups as well as one on one
throughout the day. They do not miss the core curriculum during this time.